Big Telco, Big praise, Big Data…

New Zealand’s largest technology company has welcomed a report of the Data Futures Forum that highlights the exciting opportunities that could come from “big data”.

Telecom New Zealand has released its submission to the Data Futures Forum, which shows how the company is playing a leadership role in the company’s data future through the establishment of Qrious, a data analytics and insights company.

“There are some big trends that are changing the way societies operate,” says Conor Roberts, Head of Public Affairs, Telecom.

“The increasing power of analytic tools and increasing information storage capacity are revolutionising the way businesses, government departments and other organisations understand the world around them.

“We’re pleased the Data Futures Forum has highlighted the importance of privacy and ensuring strong governance of information.

“The public needs to be assured that the benefits of analysing this data is matched by protocols and processes for managing concerns around how that data is handled and protected.

Roberts says Tlecom has established Qrious to “build expertise in analysing big data and to provide innovative insights into the different kinds of data sets that are out there.”

“New Zealand’s technological expertise and the links we have between our businesses, government and other organisations means our country is uniquely placed to take advantage of this new world,” he adds.

“Telecom has promoted the concept of a joined-up data platform, where different data sets can be brought together, with appropriate protections, to reveal ever more interesting insights and innovation.”

For Roberts and Telecom, Big data is changing how we see the world.

“The possibilities are enormous and include better transport solutions, financial and economic insights, promoting healthy communities, supporting business decisions and improved understanding of taxation spends, amongst many others,” he adds.

“This kind of analytics will help to make everyone better off.

“Telecom congratulates the government for having the foresight to set up the Data Futures Forum because it’s important to prepare our country for the next technological revolution.”

More information is available on the Data Futures Forum website:

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