Chorus: UFB rollout ahead as fixed connections increase

Fixed line connections have increased by 3,000 lines over the three month period to 31 March to a total of 1,779,000 lines with total broadband connections increasing by 12,000 to 1,144,000.

That’s according to Chorus’ fixed line and broadband connection numbers as at 31 March 2014, released this morning via the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

As a result, Chorus says its UFB network deployment continues to be ahead of schedule with fibre passing about 228,000 premises at 31 March, meaning 297,000 end-users are within reach of ultra-fast broadband.

Fibre connections grew to 35,000 across Chorus’ nationwide network at 31 March, although some of this increase included trial lines not previously billed. About 18,300 fibre connections are within Chorus’ completed UFB network footprint.

Chorus’ rural broadband rollout also continues at pace and had brought 66,500 rural lines within reach of better broadband by 31 March.

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