Dotcom fights for 1st world NZ internet

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Kim Dotcom and Orcon have joined forces in a bid to smash New Zealand’s restrictive data caps and fight the apparent plight of third world internet in New Zealand.

Appearing in the New Zealand ISP’s new campaign promoting uncapped fast broadband, the internet mogul believes that every Kiwi has the right to first world internet.

“As an Orcon customer I fully support any offering that gives New Zealanders access to uncapped broadband,” said Dotcom this morning.

“I am glad to be part of a campaign which encourages Kiwis to escape third world internet data caps.”

Orcon CEO Greg McAlister said he is pleased Dotcom is supporting Orcon, adding: “Not only is he a valued customer, he shares our belief that uncapped broadband should be accessible to all Kiwis.”

Research from an OECD report shows that data caps are not the norm in other parts of the world with the UK, Europe and America having access to developed Internet services.

However, New Zealand is at the bottom of the pile, lagging behind alongside Australia and Iceland, with McAlister claiming Orcon’s unlimited plan is the company’s most popular.

“With the number of devices in the home increasing yearly, and bandwidth demands more than doubling every year, we think the writing is on the wall for data caps,” he added.

“Kim has challenged us to make New Zealand broadband even faster, and even cheaper – and it’s a challenge we have accepted.

“We are on a mission to ensure New Zealand’s Internet matches the rest of the first world. Getting rid of data caps is the first step.”

The campaign features Dotcom playing on the fact that even some Kiwis who live in affluent suburbs aren’t accessing first world internet, with Dotcom saying, “every day, thousands of Kiwis are living below the global broadband line.”

Dotcom refers to “bullying corporations” restricting “your internet data just to make more profit.”

Does Kim Dotcom have a point? Are too many New Zealanders experiencing below par broadband across the country? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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