New Ericsson fibre optic facility up and running in Wellington

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 11 months 2 days ago.

Ericsson has revealed the commencement of commercial production from the new fibre optic duct manufacturing facility in Todd Park, Porirua, Wellington.

“This new ducting facility is the most modern of its kind globally,” says Alfred Ling, New Zealand Manager, Ericsson.

“The production technology and infrastructure in operation in Porirua has been specifically commissioned for fibre ducting production.

”The facility has the capacity to produce between 30 to 60 metres per minute of finished product. Over twenty differing product types will be manufactured at Porirua.”

“The new facility will also act as Ericsson’s New Zealand-based warehouse and distribution centre.

“The fibre products manufactured at the facility are critical components of one of the most important infrastructure projects yet undertaken in New Zealand, which is building a nationwide broadband platform that will be basis of New Zealand’s digital transformation.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe adds that Chorus is “very pleased that Ericsson has successfully started production.”

“This will allow Chorus to continue to bring New Zealand into a fibre world with the flexibility and customisation that this local facility will provide, ensuring we are the forefront of global fibre innovation,” Ratcliffe adds.

”The facility will produce fibre ducts for Ericsson’s Ribbonet and Micronet ABF systems, and production has already started.”

Ling says Ericsson is proud to play a role in the New Zealand’s Ultrafast Broadband project that will underpin significant innovation and growth in New Zealand’s Networked Society.

“Being located here in New Zealand means that our delivery timelines will be significantly reduced, we will reduce the environmental impact of the shipping process and we’re utilising local skills in production and product development,” Ling adds.

“Nationwide connectivity is essential for the development of New Zealand’s digital economy.

“This fibre will have the capacity to carry more data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications such as healthcare and education delivery through to interactive TV, real time business video communications and other data rich professional services.”

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