NZ top of the world for mobile download speeds…

New Zealand has been ranked number one for mobile download speeds in the Ookla’s May Global Net Index of Telecommunications Companies, with Vodafone New Zealand claiming top spot, leaving the telco claiming it has the world’s fastest mobile download.

Vodafone clocked speeds of just over 29Mbps, with Telecom second at just over 25Mbps.

Ookla’s Global Net Index of Telecommunications Companies is based on cellular test results from Ookla’s app on iOS and Android platforms and Ookla says the results were obtained by analysing test data between May 17 and June 15, with results from 21,507 tests used in the current index.

Vodafone’s results its customers can download content and games more than three times faster than the global mobile download average of 8.0Mbps – the country averaged 24.7 for downloads.

Telecom’s UTM network won the upload battle, though, coming in at just over 10Mbps compared to Vodafone’s 8.9Mbps.

Meanwhile the household download index for broadband isn’t quite so rosy, with New Zealand-wide ranked 44th with an average download of 19.8Mbps and upload of 8.6Mbps.

Vodafone chief technology officer, Sandra Pickering, says Vodafone has consistently achieved the highest speeds in testing by, ‘which reflects the tens of millions of dollars we spend on network development each year’.

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