Telecom makes bold online play with new Lightbox MD…

New online TV service Lightbox has announced the appointment of digital media leader Kym Niblock as its managing director.

Kym brings a wealth of experience in senior roles with global media businesses, including Foxtel, BBC Worldwide, BSkyB and Nickelodeon.

“Now that Lightbox is on the launch pad, we wanted someone with a track record of taking fantastic content products to market and building these into large-scale businesses that deliver awesome experiences that customers love,” says Rod Snodgrass, CEO, Telecom Digital Ventures.

“Kym more than fits this bill – she has led many major, disruptive projects and, more importantly, has built a number of successful businesses in the digital and new media space.

“We see this appointment as a clear sign of our intent to grow Lightbox into a formidable player in online entertainment.”

Nikblock says she;s excited to introduce a brand new way to watch TV to New Zealanders and to have the opportunity to make Lightbox one of the most recognised entertainment brands in the country.

“I’m passionate about exciting and inspiring our customers with fantastic, world class TV shows,” she adds.

“The reality is that the way in which New Zealanders and the rest of the world watch TV is rapidly evolving.

“I’m confident Lightbox will accelerate that trend and will provide a world class viewing experience, combined with a rapidly growing list of outstanding TV shows, that will appeal to all New Zealanders.”

Simon Hoegsbro, Lightbox’s launch director, welcomes Niblock’s arrival, saying the timing is perfect for her to join the team.

“She will lead the service to the next stage to build a brand that resonates and connects with New Zealanders, as we further develop the offering,” he adds.

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