100,000 and counting for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise’s Premium DeskPhones…

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has shipped 100,000 of its new Premium DeskPhones, with the company claiming such sales show the phone remains an essential element in business communications.

The new range of Premium DeskPhones were released in April 2014 and are designed as modern communications tools making collaboration and day-to-day tasks easier for employees, while providing a more productive workplace.

In this short time, the level of sales confirm communication continues to be at the centre of the work process. Additionally, the Premium DeskPhones were recently recognised as a 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award by TMC.

“We are meeting our customers’ needs for exceptional telephony communications products, our sales support this,” says Eric Penisson, General Manager, Communications Business, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

“Our new Premium DeskPhones are superior in the richness of communication features and the impeccable quality of sound.

“All of this coming in a sleek, modern, and attractive package giving employees the most pleasurable user experience.”

Available with IP or digital technologies, the new Premium DeskPhones come with several ergonomic enhancements enabling users to:

• Use quality wideband audio through the handset or hands-free mode

• Access enterprise communications through a modern device

• Leverage the optimised technology and always on, advanced connectivity

According to Penisson, these new Premium DeskPhones complement and leverage the rich telephony capabilities of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OpenTouch Suites for small-medium businesses (SMB) and mid-to-large enterprises (MLE) with over 500 communication features.

Key features of Premium DeskPhones:

• The integrated alphabetic keyboard, backlit display, dedicated function keys and user-friendly navigator makes it easy for users to reach out faster to contacts and efficiently control communications.

• The adjustable and robust foot stands means the Premium Deskphones adapt to being used throughout the business, whether on a desk, in a meeting room, on a reception desk or even wall mounted.

• The improved wideband audio quality excels where cell phones fall short by giving on-call parties sound clarity like they are seated in the same room.

• Flexibility with integrated Bluetooth technology, along with a set of accessories including handsets and headsets, makes the new phones ideal for today’s business environment.

• The deskphones offers future proof, secured capabilities such as IPV6 ready and embedded software encryption, all of which facilitate the user’s daily business tasks.

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