A+ as Plan B opens Wellington’s newest data centre

Plan B Limited has today officially opened the company’s Wellington Southern Cross Data Centres (“SXDC”) facility and expanded Standby Office facility.

The newest SXDC Data Centre in Tawa has been built to accommodate up to 80 racks in an enterprise-level environment.

“The facility has been designed using market-leading power, cooling, and racking solutions from partners including Just Switchboards and Schneider Electric, and it is part of a national network of Plan B owned facilities,” says Scott Lawson, Infrastructure Manager, Plan B Limited.

According to Lawson, SXDC customers have the option to include integrated cloud backup services (with diverse geographic replication) and standby recovery infrastructure.

In response to increased demand for Standby Offices in Wellington, the New Zealand-based company has built six additional customer suites in this facility

Each suite is set up with computers, phones, cabling and networking to enable rapid deployment in a business continuity event. Most of the new suites have already been subscribed as Dedicated Suites (meaning one customer has exclusive access to each suite).

“Our newest facility at Tawa is an exciting development for our business with increased Data Centre capacity that we can integrate with our primary services, and additional standby office suites to meet customer demand,” adds Ian Forrester, Managing Director, Plan B Limited.

Founded in the late 1990’s as Business Continuity New Zealand Limited and renamed Plan B in 2003, Plan B is one of the country’s leading provider of comprehensive Business Continuity Services, looking after the needs of more than 500 of New Zealand’s leading organisations and most recognised brands.

Headquartered on Auckland’s North Shore, Plan B has facilities in Mt Wellington and Albany (Auckland), Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Check back to Techday.com for more updates / photos of the opening through out the day…

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