Bold move for Noel Leeming as they buy MacLean

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 23 days ago.

Noel Leeming Group (NLG), part of New Zealand’s largest retail group, has acquired Maclean Technology, in a bold move for the NZX listed company.

NLG, a subsidiary of The Warehouse Group, says terms of the agreement will see Maclean Technology become a specialist business to business division within the company, providing a “solid base” for the growth of NLG’s Commercial Services.

Former Maclean Technology CEO, Chris Maclean, will now take charge as General Manager of Commercial Services for NLG and continue to lead the business, a business where all employees have been offered roles under the new ownership.

The revamped business will also be recruiting two new roles; a National Technical Services Manager and a National Sales Manager.

“Following a tough period last year the team has worked extremely hard to get to where we are today,” Maclean says.

“We’ve made huge process across all areas of the business and have rebuilt a great business.

“The security and strength that comes from being a part of this new extended family allows us to take the next gear and reach our potential exponentially faster than we might have otherwise.

“Previously there was also some concern about our financial state, and I think that was fair given what we’ve been through.

“However, as part of a hugely successful organisation these concerns can now be well and truly put behind us.”

Well know for its ‘Noel Leeming’ retail stores, NLG also has a significant commercial (B2B) business and has been strategically developing service-based initiatives as a result.

“The Maclean team punch well above their weight in terms of the maturity of their systems, process and capability,” says Tim Edwards, CEO, NLG.

“This represents an excellent fit for us as we look to significantly grow our IT Services offer and deepen our relationships with our business customers.”

NLG intends to scale the Maclean Technology business to build a nationwide Managed Services business focused on delivering enterprise-grade IT to SMBs at a competitive price.

With over 50 engineers already on the team, the combined organisation is one of the leading IT services businesses in the country and is targeting further growth.

“While as first this struck me as a non-traditional direction for our business,” Maclean admits. “Once I had understood where NLG want to take their business and how they operate, it quickly became a no-brainer.

“They already have a very successful and rapidly growing commercial business and ‘Tech Solutions’ service offer and we complete the picture with our professional IT Service capabilities.

“I couldn’t think of a better outcome for our staff or our customers.

“Not only do our new owners represent a secure and professional partner for our loyal customers and staff; they allow us to deliver on our promise of Rock-Solid IT for Kiwi businesses – better than ever before.”

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