Exeed signed up to the ICONZ-Webvisions distribution deal

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Cloud server deployments have been rapidly increasing over the past 12 months and many resellers are being asked by their customers to provide a cloud alternative to the traditional physical server deployment.

While this makes good sense, there is some reluctance to branch into a new area that is not core business.

To help resellers provide a solution that works for them and their customers, Exeed has partnered with ICONZ-Webvisions to provide access to their mature, stable cloud platform.

Who are ICONZ-Webvisions?

ICONZ-Webvisions has been established in NZ for over 20 years, providing cloud, data centre and connectivity solutions. A team on the ground understands the New Zealand market and is supported by a local 24/7 support desk.

There are Cloud centres in Auckland and Wellington, and clients operating in Australia are supported by a Sydney-based Cloud platform. ICONZ-Webvisions now operates in seven countries in the Asia Pacific region and has over 45,000 customers.

Reseller benefits

Offering Infrastructure as a Service means you can meet customer demands for cloud without needing to invest in datacentres or co-locating hardware in someone else’s datacentre. The risk to you is low.

Switching to a monthly fee-based service gives your business significant ongoing annuity. It’s quicker to deploy and bill customers, and a subscription model reduces credit risk and payment exposure.

Plus you are still able to wrap your services around that cloud server just like you would with a physical server.

As an Exeed cloud server reseller you will get access to a demonstration cloud server, heavily discounted not for retail (NFR) pricing and free cloud training from ICONZ-Webvisions.

Your customers benefit too

By moving IT spend from a capital expense to an operational one, IT costs are more predictable. Customers don’t need to invest large capital amounts to find a server that will address their needs now and into the future – they only pay for the capacity they need right now.

Cloud pricing has dropped considerably in the last 18 months making cloud servers a viable option for smaller New Zealand businesses, not just the large enterprise customer.

Choose the right package

There are three packages available to cater for different business sizes and requirements:

Small cloud – Small cloud caters for young, growing and expanding businesses. It gives them the chance to test the next big business idea or take care of a specific requirement such as online backup. It’s a safe, cost effective choice for a first venture into cloud computing.

The small cloud server package comes with a Single Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB Disk. It also includes /29 IP Subnet (5 useable IPs), 10GB International Data, Unlimited National Data, Managed Shared Firewall and Managed Monitoring Services.

All cloud – All cloud is ideal for established businesses who recognise the importance of systems and infrastructure. Agility and responsiveness is essential.

They may be faced with a major hardware refresh, need to increase computing capacity or disaster recovery capability. All cloud offers a smart alternative to making a large capital investment in fixed infrastructure.

This medium cloud server package comes with a Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB Disk. It also includes /29 IP Subnet (5 useable IPs), 10GB International Data, Unlimited National Data, Managed Shared Firewall and Managed Monitoring Services.

Extra cloud – Where IT infrastructure is mission critical and extra cloud is needed to support established businesses’ data, storage and processing power. There may also be additional specific project or business critical applications to be supported.

This large cloud server package comes with Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 200GB Disk. It also includes /29 IP Subnet (5 useable IPs), 10GB International Data, Unlimited National Data, Managed Shared Firewall and Managed Monitoring Services.

If your client’s requirements aren’t met by these fixed public cloud options, private cloud environments can also be accommodated.

If you would like more information on selling cloud services to your customers please email mycloudstore@exeed.co.nz and your Exeed Account Manager will be in touch.

If you would like to learn more about reselling cloud, please register with Exeed for the Exeed/ICONZ-Webvisions Breakfast Session @ The Langham Hotel, 6th August.

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