Cyberoam & SnapperNet bid for SonicWall resellers

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 2 years 5 months 4 days ago.

Security solution vendors Cyberoam and local distributors SnapperNet are making a bid for kiwi SonicWall resellers, in an attempt to capitalise on any uncertainty that may be in the air following the company’s purchase by Dell

Resellers who are interested in switching to Cyberoam are able to take an introductory training course for free; those who go on to make the switch to Cyberoam will  also receive free licenses for optional UTM features.

SnapperNet director Richard Paul says this allows resellers to either offer the features as free trials, or sell the features at the standard price. 

“Cyberoam actually has a whole host of features that can be used straight out of the box,” Paul says, “but the system also offers a variety of more advanced features available to be purchased through yearly licenses, and this is what we are offering the one year free subscription for.”

Dell purchased SonicWall just over two weeks ago, as the company looks to diversify from its traditional PC manufacturing business.

Dale Smith, managing director of SonicWall distributors Connector Systems, admits there has been a lot of speculation about what Dell’s plans for the brand might be, but says he is confident the channel will be well supported in any future projects.

“[Dell] have paid a significant amount of money, not just for the technology but for the channel as well,” Smith says.

“They will be looking to do everything they can to maintain, grow and support the channel. People don’t need to worry.”

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