Exeed's HP platform cloud play…

Exeed is taking to the cloud, offering resellers the opportunity to sell infrastructure and software cloud solutions driven by HP.

Mycloudstore will allow resellers to self-provision and sell cloud services at attractive annuity based margins, for predictable revenue streams, Exeed says.

The offering will initially include infrastructure-as-a-service offerings, HP LiveVault, which automates server data protection providing off-site back-up and long-term data retention in the cloud, and Storegate for syncing, sharing, accessing and collaborating in the cloud.

Additional products will be made available, including ultrafast broadband services for business and cloud software and security solutions, the IT distributor says.

Justin Tye, Exeed managing director, says while an increasing number of SMBs are consuming cloud solutions, providing cloud services is a commercial challenge for smaller New Zealand resellers, as they don’t have the scale to justify the costs and risks of owning and operating their own data centres.

“This was one of the key drivers to create mycloudstore.co.nz, a marketplace portal where resellers can order and provision cloud services as well as selected hardware offerings such as mobility products and success devices designed specifically for the cloud.

“Although Exeed has worked in cloud services for a number of years, aggregating and passing reseller leads to cloud providers, Mycloudstore’s provisioning platform now allows resellers to sell cloud services while retaining ownership of the billing relationship with the end-user customers,” Tye says.

He says Mycloudstore is designed specifically for the channel and offers the ability for resellers to work with Exeed to create their own customised and white-labelled cloud services marketplace portal.

Tye says using HP-powered cloud solutions means resellers can continue to sell the world’s leading server and storage brand as they always have, but now it can also be in the cloud and still maintain a consistent sales message for customers.

Diane Knowles, HP Enterprise Services New Zealand country manager, says resellers can on-sell leading edge cloud services that can be combined with a range of value-add services to ‘dramatically’ improve penetration into the growing SMB market.

“This makes it easy for resellers to deliver the cloud services that their SMB customers want and need,” Knowles says.


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