HP’s All-in-One PC Beats the xmas competition

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HP revealed the HP ENVY Recline All-in-One PC series in Auckland yesterday, offering the best, most immersive touch experience available on an All-in-One PC.

With industry-leading product design, HP’s new All-in-One PCs allow users to pivot the touchscreen lower and closer to them, making the interaction more enjoyable and comfortable.

“Using a traditional touch PC can be hard on the neck and back,” says Chin Edirisuriya, Market Development Manager: Consumer Notebooks and Desktops, HP.

“HP’s new all-in-ones recline and bring the screen closer to the user for the most natural and comfortable touch PC experience available.”

Immersive touch PCs look great, sound great, and feel great

The HP ENVY Recline23 TouchSmart All-in-One PC and HP ENVY Recline27 TouchSmart All-in-One PC, the industry’s first truly immersive touchscreen PCs, feature 10-point touch and a revolutionary adjustable design that allows for a more comfortable experience and greater control than ever before.

An HP study revealed that while using touchscreens, an overwhelming majority of people preferred their screen in a low and close position for 100 percent of touch-related tasks.

The HP ENVY Recline series meets the needs of touch users with a full HD IPS touchscreen that responds to all 10 fingers at once, and a unique hinge that allows the screen to be repositioned with ease.

The hinge seamlessly enables the screen to move below the table and close to the lap for a natural touch navigation position, or it can be adjusted upright for traditional use and to watch movies.

Both the HP ENVY Recline23 and HP ENVY Recline27 TouchSmart All-in-One PCs are equipped with 4th generation Intel Core i processors and NVIDIA discrete graphics to help users keep up with the most demanding tasks.

The HP ENVY Recline27 also features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to let users share photos, contacts and URLs, with a simple tap.

Additionally, HP is offering a new All-in-One PC with a bold, unique design and premium sound for the entertainment and music enthusiast. The HP ENVY Recline23 TouchSmart All-in-One PC Beats Edition features signature black and red accents with Beats Audio driven dual speakers for the best-sounding, richest audio available on a PC.

Pricing and availability in New Zealand:

• The HP ENVY Recline23 TouchSmart All-in-One PC starts from approximately $2,299 RRP and is available now.

• The HP ENVY Recline23 TouchSmart All-in-One PC Beats Edition starts from approximately $2,299 RRP and is available now.

• The HP ENVY Recline27 TouchSmart All-in-One PC starts from approximately $2,499 RRP and is expected to be available in December.

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