Microsoft appoints Synnex NZ as OEM authorised distributor

Synnex New Zealand, part of the global distribution company Synnex Technology International Corp, will represent Microsoft OEM as an authorised distributor, effective 1st May, 2014.

Following the announcement, Richard Harri, Synnex New Zealand Country Manager, says he is “delighted” to become the second distributor in New Zealand for Microsoft OEM, joining the incumbent Ingram Micro.

“Synnex has a dominant market share in the locally assembled system builder market and as such it is a natural and logical decision to make the appointment,” Harri says.

“It allows Synnex to provide its resellers with the ability to source each and every core component in a single transaction saving the customer time and freight cost due to consolidation.

“It also rounds out our distribution agreements with Microsoft nicely now Synnex has direct authorised distribution of the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft hardware (including keyboards, mice and cameras) and exclusive distribution of the Microsoft Xbox in New Zealand.”

Warwick Grey, Microsoft Partner Sales Executive for Distribution says that Microsoft employs a multi-distributor model to take their OEM product to market in every geography and New Zealand had been the only exception, until now.

“Microsoft and Synnex have a strong relationship throughout Asia Pacific and we are pleased to bring them on board to give our resellers choice as to where they source their requirements,” he adds.

“There is a lot of interest moving forward in taking customers from XP as support ended only recently on the 8th of April and as such Synnex can help us bring our reseller partners into the future and enjoy the benefits of upgrading or building new machines.”

Resellers wishing to find out more information about Synnex or to investigate opening an account should direct their browser to

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