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Cutting out the charts and saving on the stats, NewLease’s Cloud Transformation Workshops is offering a realistic way of benefiting from building a cloud business model.

Located in both Auckland and Wellington, this much talked about workshop targets the business decision maker, to help them understand the advantages of the cloud.

Led by NewLease’s Head of Cloud Strategy Stephen Parker, the sessions cover real world feedback taken from resellers who are already profiting from a cloud-orientated business.

“It doesn’t take great insight to rave about all things cloud,” Parker says.

“But the cloud isn’t just the IT message of the day, it’s the business message too.”

Acknowledging that every man and his dog have been told the cloud is great, Parker delves deeper, explaining how resellers can incorporate cloud into their businesses and sell to their customers.

“Resellers understand the cloud is great but some are not yet able to articulate the value back to themselves and subsequently their customers,” says Parker, who has seen over 3,000 partner executives across the region take part in the workshop in the past seven months.

“This leaves customers who are interested, but not yet buyers.”

Despite cloud being the IT and business message of the moment, many customers are still asking questions and are not sure how they will benefit.

After building and selling a cloud business of his own, Parker is well versed on the subject, and offers the following advice to resellers.

“The change to the cloud is imperative and is happening now,” he says.

“But there are challenges, and NewLease is here to be honest about the change, and empathise with businesses.”

Offering success stories and strategies from business who have adopted cloud, Parker has the war stories to back up his claims, guaranteeing a workshop grounded in reality rather than facts and figures.

“Essentially, the successful partners are transitioning their business and the rest are putting their business at risk,” he says.

“The cloud isn’t something you can wait a few years to act upon, it is happening now.

“But we understand that change is difficult, hence why we are offering ready-made examples of success to attendees.”

In summary, building a Cloud Business will enable you to:

• Take advantage of new opportunities

• Expand your customer base

• Increase the service you provide to existing customers

• Create new revenue streams

Join NewLease in either Auckland on August 27 or Wellington on August 28 to find out how your business can benefit from the cloud. Please register soon as places are limited.

Register for AUCKLAND EVENT here.

Register for WELLINGTON EVENT here.

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