Now PC Monitor remotely deploys software: Chillisoft announces free Ninite Plugin

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Specialist software distributor Chillisoft has announced further development of the PC Monitor management solution with the addition of a ‘Remote Control’ Plugin for Ninite.

Demonstrating its commitment to value-added distribution, Chillisoft developed the plugin in-house and is making it available to resellers and users of the PC Monitor solution at no additional cost.

Steve Smith, Chillisoft technical director, notes that this is a further development towards making the management of even large device fleets simple and affordable.

“Historically, systems administrator tools cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. PC Monitor provides effective control from smart devices at a fraction of the cost.

“With the addition of the Ninite Plugin, systems administrators can now also automatically and remotely install a selection of 3rd party software to machines under management across networks,” he says.

Ninite ( is a web service which equips users to automatically install popular applications for their operating system.

Smith explains that the Ninite Plugin was developed as a result of Chillisoft’s perceived necessity for a software deployment tool in PC Monitor, as well as in response to user requirements.

“The Ninite Plugin takes the Ninite service a step further. More than just bundling and deploying install packages of popular applications, it allows administrators to also remotely deploy software updates for the preselected packages.”

PC Monitor provides simple reporting, drawing administrator attention to any updates or installs which aren’t successful. The result is the ability to remotely control the technology environment with a minimum of physical intervention.

“Already PC Monitor makes management of PC fleets from a mobile phone a reality, natively delivering Windows updates.

“The Ninite Plugin goes further by providing a tool within PC Monitor to deploy updates and patches to popular third party applications such as Skype, WinZip, Adobe and others,” says Smith. “That makes management of typical environments substantially faster and easier.”

The Ninite Plugin is available free of charge to Chillisoft’s PC Monitor customers. Currently in Beta, the solution is compatible with PC Monitor version 3.3.1 upwards and requires a paid-for Ninite Pro subscription.

It is suitable for the Windows desktops and Servers, operating systems.

He notes that systems administrators have welcomed the plugin, while adding that Chillisoft’s development resource is available to create additional plugins to meet specific needs on a commercial basis.

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