Promotions ignite ANZ inkjet printer market

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 9 days ago.

The ANZ inkjet printer market continued to expand during 2013 Q2, registering 443,000 units.

Analyst group IDC claims the growth was largely attributed to heavy price and bundling promotions particularly within the entry level segment.

This augmentation was further supported by the growth of high-end machines that served as a replacement for colour laser printers.

Sequentially, unit shipments witnessed an increase of about 2% although on a Year-On-Year (YOY) basis it dropped by 3%.

“The second quarter of 2013 saw aggressive promotions on various levels including price, bundling, cash back, catalogue promotions as well as TV commercials,” says Arunachalam Muthiah , Market Analyst of Peripherals Research, IDC New Zealand.

“Continued traction within the photographic printer segment and augmentation of A4 inkjet printers that could print A3 added to the positive development.

“However, with the close of financial year in March for certain vendors, this expansion was offset due to the limited in-take of new stock on the back of already existing stock in their channel.”

From a revenue perspective, it was not a rosy picture for the ANZ inkjet printer market however.

With the market already decliing by 18% during 2012 and 2013, H1 shows further softening of revenues.

“While promotions have aided unit shipment growth, they have in-turn had a contrary impact on revenues,” Muthiah adds.

“This was mainly due to the aggressive promotional activity across a large section of the market primarily executed to push shipments upwards by all major vendors,”

IDC anticipates the market to modestly slow down in 2013 compared to 2012 with growth being mainly sustained by end-user promotions, with around 1.7 million units to be shipped across the ANZ inkjet printer market during the current year.

2013 Q2 ANZ Inkjet Printer Shipments:

Rank       Vendors      Market Share
1                         HP                       44%
2                        Canon                 26%
3                        Epson                 16%
4                        Brother              13%
5                         Others*              1%

*Others include Dell and Lanier

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