Rumours swirl of imminent Kiwi secure eMail solution…

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 11 months 18 days ago.

Information trickling out of Auckland suggests a new private secure eMail solution is set to market across New Zealand in the New Year.

In what would signal the end to Click, Send and Pray, the mystery solution is the brainchild of a Kiwi software firm, based in Auckland’s Ponsonby suburb.

At present, Techday understands the offering will be a completely new “email” solution for organisations intent on requiring watertight privacy between trusted parties.

Set to run on any desktop Operating System – Windows, Apple or Linux – the solution is based on a closed-loop functionality, offering a fully secure, point-to-point communications which can only happen between authorised system users.

According to Techday sources, the offering is “a “closed” system that’s independent of corporate and personal email applications.”

As a result, only an Administrator can add new Users, but even the Administrator cannot see any messages in the message-storage, unlike most corporate email systems.

“We all know how difficult it can be to have private electronic conversations,” says Techday’s trusted source. “But this solution provides 100% privacy for the using parties, putting to rest common privacy concerns which trouble senders of confidential documents nowadays.”

A new idea and a new patent to match, the Kiwi offering boasts instant visibility of delivery which other no system in the market can currently offer.

The New Zealand owned and developed product is set to be launched across the country in the early parts of 2014, with enquiries already aplenty from Europe and the US.

A solution which could revolutionise how confidential information is communicated within trusted groups, check back to next week for more information…

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