Rumours swirl of Unified Comms integrator launch plans

closeThis article could be out of date, as it was published 1 year 22 days ago.

Deane Jessep has announced his decision to leave Polycom, to co-found a new specialist consulting integrator focused on the Unified Communications market.

Jessep has recently left Polycom where he held the position of the company’s NZ Regional Manager.

After successfully expanding Polycom’s Kiwi footprint during the past two years, Jessep leaves the company in a strong position, cementing its position as a key player within the industry.

With other recruitments set to join in the weeks ahead, Jessep hopes to be part of the largest Unified Communications team in New Zealand by February next year.

“I’m really excited to be building a business which at its heart is about improving customer business processes through leveraging innovations in unified communication and collaboration,” Jessep says.

“The team we have built is a great mix of strong industry experience, deep skillsets, and industry thought leadership.

“We are looking forward to working with partners to surprise and delight our customers with best of breed unified communication solutions.”

Highlights of Jessep’s reign at Polycom include the opening of the Polycom Solutions Centre in Auckland and the rollout of the largest video collaboration project in New Zealand.

Jessep brought deep telecommunications experience to the role, evident by the successful launch and operations of a number of start-ups focused on the ICT sector.

“In my last role at Polycom, I saw the need to simplify some of the complexity involved in thinking about customers’ needs; that combined with the growth in the unified communications market makes it an exciting time to be setting up a business in this space,” Jessep adds.

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