Strong Kiwi growth drives Canon’s 70 million camera lens production

Canon has announced the achievement of a camera-manufacturing milestone as total production of the company’s EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras surpassed the 70-million mark on 5 February, 2014.

Production of Canon EOS SLR cameras began in 1987 with the EOS 650 at Canon Inc.’s plant in Fukushima, Japan.

Following the popularity of digital SLR cameras in the early 2000s, production rapidly increased, surpassing the 60-million-unit mark in October 2012 and the 70-million-unit threshold approximately 16 months later.

“We’ve seen very strong demand for EOS cameras as people increasingly upgrade to achieve more meaningful, better-quality photos,” says Kim Conner, General Manager – Canon Consumer Imaging, Canon New Zealand.

“In New Zealand, the popularity of the Canon system has seen EOS SLR models account for seven of the top 10 cameras in the total SLR Interchangeable Lens Camera market for 2013[1].”

“Canon invests heavily in R&D and we produce all core components in-house, which allows us to create world-first innovations and a completely integrated system.

“Locally, we continue to invest heavily in consumer and trade programs to inspire and help users to see how easy it is to achieve amazing results with the Canon EOS system.”

EF lenses for Canon EOS-series interchangeable-lens cameras are also on track to realise a major milestone as cumulative production is scheduled to pass the 100-million-unit mark in 2014.

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