Three months and $35m for Express Data…

Express Data New Zealand contributed more than $35 million in revenue for new owner Dicker Data for the 2014 financial year.

Dicker Data acquired Express Data on April 1st, and the company’s financials for the year to June 30, 2014, show sales of goods of $35,370,000 and interest revenue of $96,000 for New Zealand. Profit after income tax was $676,000.

The company posted an overall sales revenue of $662.76 million, up 46.8% on 2013. Net profit after tax fell to $5.2 million, from $9.2 milllion last year, on the back of acquisition costs of $6.5 million.

Dicker Data says the increase in revenue includes $186 million contributed by Express Data for the three months to June, and profit after tax (and after integration and restructure costs) of $1.7 million.

Dicker Data revenue on a standalone basis was $476 million the company says – up from 2013’s $452 million.

The company is projecting to achieve annual revenue in excess of AU$1 billion in FY15.

CEO and chairman David Dicker says the company has had an ‘exceptionally satisfying year’ – one he dubs the most significant in the company’s 36 years, thanks to its acquisition of Express Data.

The distributor says Express Data was viewed as a perfect strategic fit to the Dicker Data business ‘with a comprehensive selection of software and hardware blue-chip vendor base with very little overlap with Dicker Data’s existing vendor portfolio’.

As well as making Dicker Data one of the largest distributors of ICT products in Australia, the acquisition provided a footprint into the New Zealand market ‘presenting additional growth opportunities in the future’.

In July, Dicker told The Channel he was keen to see the Kiwi operations close the gap between its operations and those of the local number one distributor, Ingram Micro.

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