Top bosses vacate following “ahead of schedule” Dicker Data merger

Top Express Online bosses, CEO Danny Moore and General Manager Gavin Troxler, have left the company following its integration with Dicker Data.

Following the sale of Express Data Holdings, including Express Data and Express Online, to Dicker Data in March this year, Moore says the merger has been successfully completed ahead of schedule.

“My intention, along with Gavin’s, was to help oversee this integration, then to step back from the operation going forward,” Moore says.

“The Dicker Data leadership team is very experienced, has great instinct, and has a clear strategy and view of the market, which is good news for customers, partners and vendors.”

The sale, which included the New Zealand and Australian operations of Express Data along with Express Online, was completed in April, with partnership already off to a “very strong start” according to David Dicker, chairman and CEO, Dicker Data.

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