Upcoming magazine features for August 2013

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We’re planning the following editorial features in our August publications:

How to buy a laptop - August issue
Despite the rise in smartphones, tablets, ‘phablets’ and the like, laptops continue to remain a constant within the tech industry. While fending off the challenge of younger fresher models may be an arduous task, NetGuide looks at why the laptop is still going strong – and what you should look out for when buying one.

Network Attached Storage Devices – August issue
A convenient method of sharing files among multiple computers, NAS products are gaining popularity. But for those who qualify for such devices, where to start? NetGuide takes an in-depth look at how best to maximise having multiple computer on your network.

Windows 8 Catalogue – August issue
Released in a foray of media hype, Microsoft’s Windows 8 continues to make headlines across the world. Whether it be tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs, NetGuide looks at the Windows 8 compatible devices on the market – and where consumers can get value for money.

Travel Websites - August issue
Do genuine cut-price travel deals on the internet actually exist? Are those last minute bargains simply a figment of our imagination? NetGuide discusses how to find the best holiday deals online.

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Cloud – August issue
Every CIO needs to know more about what solutions to migrate to the cloud, whether it should be private or public and why. We will focus on demystifying cloud offerings for New Zealand IT decision-makers. Including information from service providers as well as explaining IaaS, SaaS and the other techniques.

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Conferencing Solutions – August issue
Teleconferencing was meant to make collaboration possible. Video conferencing was meant to kill the airlines and Tele presence was meant to be affordable. We gather expert opinions about the state of conferencing solutions and services in New Zealand.

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Mobility – August issue
As businesses look increasingly to harness the power of mobile, The Channel takes a look at the role of the reseller channel. From mobile apps to mobile device management and mobile security, there’s a world of mobile opportunity.

Printing – August issue
Ok, so 3D printers, cool though they are, are not exactly mainstream. Yet. But there’s still plenty of other new developments in printing for resellers to capitalise on. The Channel takes a look at the changing face of printing and its impact on the channel.

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Feature List 2013/2014
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