Upcoming magazine features for June 2013

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We’re planning the following editorial features in our June publications:

Wireless Access Points - June issue
Which technologies allow the best Wi-Fi connectivity to a wired network? We explain what a consumer should be looking for when purchasing their next Wireless Access Point.

LED Light Bulbs – June issue
Readers will find out how to save time and money through LED Light Bulbs. But with so many flooding the market, how can you separate the best from the worst?

VoIP handsets catalogue - June issue
Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as the industry calls it, is forever growing in popularity. But does everybody know what it is? What it does? And what to consider when purchasing a VoIP handset.

Supermarket websites - June issue
Over half of Kiwis now use the internet to spend their money, but which retailers currently offer the best online shopping experience? NetGuide takes a look at some of the biggest players.

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Data Centres – June issue
They power the cloud, they power businesses and they consume a lot of power. Never before have data centres formed such an integral part of the average citizen’s life. In this edition, we consider new developments in data centre technology and how this will power an ever-more connected world.

Special Feature: Who You Should Know – June issue
In this section, we put a face to the movers and shakers of the New Zealand information and communications technology industry.

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Social Media in Contact Centres - June issue
Time waster or powerful tool? Telco Review examines the possibilities presented by social media in the contact centre. With customers using Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis, it makes sense for contact centres to use it too. Or does it?

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Cloud – June issue
Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud… The Channel looks at how to live in the cloud, the role the New Zealand channel has to play in driving adoption – and how to capitalise on it all to drive your own business forward.

Partnership Programme – June issue
Great products are one thing. But channel partners need more than just that, with partner programmes and the training and certification, rebates and incentives they provide playing an important part in getting them to push your product. In this advertising feature, The Channel takes a look at partner programmes and what vendors are offering their channel.

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Feature List 2013/2014
You can also download our 2013/2014 feature list to see all upcoming features here

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