Upcoming magazine features for September

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Here are the upcoming editorial feature opportunities for our September magazines.

For more information on advertising in a feature, please contact your Business Development Manager directly.

How to buy a Laptop – NetGuide, September issue

These days, buying a new laptop can take a lot of research and planning. Although the introduction of tablets has proved challenging for laptops, there are still many features keeping the laptop at the head of its game. This article will show you just what those features are and what you should be looking for when shopping. You want to be sure you are getting a laptop that will do exactly what you need it to do and not spending money on a lot of bells and whistles you won’t use. This month in NetGuide, we guide you through the process to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Reader’s Guide to Skype – NetGuide, September issue

Skype is becoming more and more popular as a trendy, convenient, innovative and (most importantly) free way to communicate. Yet even with its rising popularity, many people still don’t know what it is or how to use it. This month in NetGuide we will cover all the bases so you can be Skyping it up in no time!

Web Awards Winners Announced – NetGuide, September issue

In the September issue of NetGuide, we announce the winners of the much supported NetGuide Web Awards. Due to the amazing success of the NetGuide Web Awards, and the timing of Father’s Day, this provides a perfect time to get products, brands and services in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Advertising options:

  1. A half page advertisement inside the feature starts from just $1,680 + GST
  2. A full page case study advertisement inside the theme starts from just $2,800 + GST

Special Feature: Father’s Day Catalogue – NetGuide, September issue

September 4th is Father’s Day, and while socks and hankies are the order of the day in many households, the Father’s Day catalogue is a handy guide to show you what Dad is really hoping for this Father’s Day. In the September issue there are chances to take ownership of “Product Slots” with are 2x per page throughout the Father’s Day Catalogue. This is a chance to offer up a new product, or possibly a product that is specifically discounted for the Father’s Day period.

Option 1

Double Page Spread (4x Product Slots) $3,500 + GST

(Normal value = $4,480 + GST)

Option 2

Full Page (2x Product Slots) $2,000 + GST

(Normal value = $2,800) 

Option 3

Half Page (1x Product Slot) $1,000 + GST

(Normal value = $1,680)

An example from last year can be seen HERE

Our Design team will put this together, so all we need from you is a YES, which Option and the information below.

Please supply for each product:


RRP Price

Product image (HiRes)

Vendor Logo (HiRes)

Max 60 words copy (less if in bullet points)

‘Available from’ contact details (company, phone, website etc.)

Material Deadline is the 10th of August 

If these or other advertising options are of interest, call Haydn on +64 9 973 5969 or email him here.

Outsourcing – IT Brief, September issue

Outsourcing is still a topic dividing opinions. In this edition we will take the temperature of attitudes to outsourcing, look at trends and hear about lessons learned from those that have already taken the leap. We will also investigate which new technologies are driving outsourcing.

VoIP – Telecommunications Review, September issue

In the Telecommunications Review section the focus is on VoIP. Find out how this technology is evolving, how it is affecting business procedures and what demands it puts on ICT decision making.

Advertising options:

  1. A half page advertisement inside the feature starts from just $1,680 + GST
  2. A full page case study advertisement inside the theme starts from just $2,800 + GST 

If these or other advertising options are of interest call Geoffrey on +64 9 973 5586 or email him here.

Selling network infrastructure – The Channel, September issue

We’ve looked at disaster recovery and storage solutions; now, in the third and final part of our data centre feature, we look at the all important network infrastructure – how to simplify and optimise, plus the latest trends and how to take advantage of them.

Advertising options:

  1. Product showcase $750 + GST
  2. Company Profile $1,300 + GST
  3. A Half Page advertisement starts from just $1,680 + GST
  4. A Full Page case study advertisement from just $2,800 + GST

If these or other advertising options are of interest, call Mark on +64 9 973 5959 or email him here.

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