Watch this smartwatch space… Microsoft makes move into wearables

Redmond will unveil the ‘Microsoft Smartband’ in October this year, coming with 11 sensors, open APIs and cross-platform capability.

That’s according to recent speculation in the media, which follows news of Microsoft filing patents for the wearable technology.

Citing trusted sources with knowledge of the development, Tom’s Hardware claims the cross-platform compatible device will possess the ability to “continuously track your heart rate and sync the data to your devices.”

“Our source also confirmed that the display is on the inside of the wrist as opposed to the outside and says turning your palm up to look at the watch actually feels a lot more natural,” the report claims.

Rumoured to be of similar design and style to Nike’s Fuelband product, the Microsoft Smartband welcomes users with Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices too.

Check out the patent filings below:

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