Your invite – StorageCraft Roadmap and Technical Training

StorageCraft is inviting the ICT industry to its Roadmap and Technical Training session this week, set for May 1 in Auckland.

Located at North Harbour Stadium, the event is open to everyone, including end users, customers, prospective customers, resellers, partners, MSP’s and VAR’s.

Check out the schedule below:

09:00 – 10:00: USA Roadmap and live demonstrations of StorageCraft’s solutions:

• StorageCraft ShadowProtect USA ROADMAP (first time presented in Asia Pacific)

• Demonstration of Recovering a server in the StorageCraft Cloud in under 5 minutes

• Demonstration of GRE (Granular Recovery for Exchange) to automatically migrate an EDB from Exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010 to Exchange 2013 and single mail item recovery.

10:15 – 14:00: Stream 1: Technical Training will follow straight after the Roadmap and Demonstrations – nominal NZD$99 ex GST fee to cover the costs (lunch is included):

• Brief 15 minute introduction to StorageCraft ShadowProtect – the 5 key do’s and don’ts

• ImageManager – what it does, how to configure it, why every customer should use it (it is free) including consolidation, verification and creating incremental forever chains

• Replictation to StorageCraft Cloud Services (seeding)

• Turning a disaster in to complete recovery and full production in the StorageCraft Cloud in minutes – reducing your RTO to minutes and RPO to within 15 minutes ago.

• Granular Recovery for Exchange – Exchange 2013 migrations and mail item recovery

• Centralised management combined with the latest in DART (daily automated rceovery testing) technology using WatchDog Software & StorageCraft CMD. Imagine having the recoverability of EVERY server that you have (or your customers have) tested at say 2am EVERY MORNING – delivering maximum confidence of server recovery for EVERY server and, from one console you can manage your (and your customers) entire backup infrastructure.

• A light lunch is included in this session

10:15 – 11:15: Steam 2: Reseller Sales Training will follow straight after the Roadmap and Demonstrations:

• How to sell: “3-5 minute disaster recovery starting from NZ$1.97 per day” (ex GST, delivery, installation, etc)

• StorageCraft MSP program – monthly subscription services – “Recovery as a Service”

• Demo-on-Demand – Leverage StorageCraft Asia Pacific’s new 7-minute LIVE “webex” demonstrations, designed to help you increase sales & profitability

• Automated email marketing to make selling easier – we have contracted one of A/NZ’s leading email marketing companies to help you grow your business.

To register – please click here

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