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​Regardless of who you are looking to reach in the technology community, Techday has the right platform for you.

We're a purely digital publisher and only operate in the technology sector.

We run an extensive network of technology news websites throughout the globe, with sites in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Pacific. We have offices in Singapore, London, Johannesburg, Sydney and Auckland.

Our audiences span data center operators, cyber security experts, enterprise CIOs and channel partners, amongst many others.

Our team of digital account managers can work with you to craft the perfect marketing campaign. We offer traditional display advertising, alongside innovative editorial and lead generation campaigns.

We also have a innovation team called Techday Labs.

This Labs team is responsible for inventing new niche sites, editorial concepts, lead capture techniques and crazy ideas every month.

These used to be things the business owner would personally be responsible for, however, this team has taken over as the innovative drivers behind Techday’s spectacular growth.

With the introduction of Techday Labs, we are taking our commitment to change and experimentation to the next level.

Some of the clients on this journey with us include the worlds greatest technology companies shown below plus hundreds more.

Each of our sites have an extensive infographic / media kit which is available by completing your details below: