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How can I advertise with Techday?


Whether you are targeting the most senior IT managers in corporate and government organisations, members of the ICT channel or consumers, Techday has the right website for you.

Since starting in 2006, we have assembled a number of brands. We now have a fully integrated suite of websites across virtually every part of the IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics areas.

You can find a full list of our publications here.

Then if you want a representative to contact you, request it here.

Techday advertising specifications


Where to send all the files:

Files should be emailed directly to at least five working days before the campaign is due to start.

The file types we accept:

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Ad Type Dimensions(W x H) Ideal File Size View Sample
Leaderboard / Banner / Billboard 728 x 90


300KB (HTML5)

M. Rec / Tile / Island 300 x 250


300KB (HTML5)

Interstitial Unit / Large overlay tile 480 x 480


300KB (HTML5)

Email newsletter tile 300 x 250


300KB (HTML5)

Takeover / Skins 2,560 x 1,440

Text should be in safe zone at top in middle 1375x215.
Edges may be cut off, so imagery not text would be ideal in those.
Photoshop template available upon request.


300KB (HTML5)

*These are ideal sizes and not absolute requirements. We suggest all advertisements have a thin border for maximum impact.

Leaderboard / Banner / M. Rec / Tile / Overlay / Skyscraper:
We accept HTML, HTML5, Javascript, GIF, animated GIF, JPG files and very reluctantly Flash files. We do not accept PNG files.

While we do accept Flash files, we now strongly recommend against using them. This is because Google Chrome (which is our most popular browser) now pauses all flash animations by default and the user needs to click to unpause them, and Mozilla Firefox now blocks these adverts. We ask advertisers to convert existing Flash creatives into a self-contained HTML5 creative using Google Swiffy:

To learn more about how to create an HTML5 creative read the materials click here. 

If supplying Flash make sure that Flash (SWF) files are Flash 10.1 or lower and we recommend providing a jpg or Gif backup image for non flash-enabled browsers. If you provide flash or animated material, we suggest that you loop it, with an extended pause on the final call to action slide.

Email newsletter tile:
Email Newsletter M. Rec / Tile 300px x 250px (40KB ideal). While we can accept GIF and animated GIF files, we recommend using just a flat JPG file, as some email clients do not run the animated GIF files correctly.

Some email clients do not support cookies such as Outlook. If you intend to use a 3rd party adserver link tracking, then you will be required to use a tracking system without cookies such as the "Click Trackers" option within Google DCM (DoubleClick Campaign Manager). More information about this option is detailed here.

For each online advert we need a URL supplied for your advert to click to.

Side panels / Takeover panels / Skins:
A site takeover is an opportunity to theme panels on either side of a particular section of our website with an image that supports your existing banner, tile or skyscraper advertising. Because different users have different zoom settings and screen sizes, no guarantees can be made that all users will have the full imagery. The imagery for these panels should be non-critical information, ideally a pattern or colour, with no text.

Please deliver both the header and sleeves in one file (Complete wrap size is 2560x1600). Always supply the PSD and fonts. If you are wanting to use an HTML5 file, please note HTML material needs to have a clicktag in it. This is how our system will be able to track your impressions and clicks.

To learn more about HTML5 clicktags read the tutorial here.

Our target resolution for sleeves is 1920px width wise, which leaves 273px of safe zone. While the static portion of the wrap may extend to 2560px, Anything outside of the 1920/273px safe zone will be cut off for the majority of our users. Please note that we're unable to accept Flash files.

Example of a skin template here.

eDM specifications

File Size, Dimensions & Format

  • HTML (excl. images) delivered must be no larger than 25KB.
  • Images are suggested no more than 200KB.
  • Maximum width must be no larger than 650px.
  • All html should be Table based, with <div>tags kept to a minimum with no floating or absolute positioning.
  • Additional text only version is preferred. (This is for those recipients who do not / cannot read HTML in their email clients.)

Image Format

  • Static images (Gif/JPG) only.
  • All images must insert <alt> tag.
  • Animated gifs are not recommended (Due to Vista Outlook only displaying the first frame of the animation).
  • No rich format element (Flash, Video).
  • Please make your message content into system text, graphic text is not recommended.


  • No background images.
  • No JavaScript.
  • No iFrames.
  • No external CSS.
  • No bookmark anchor tags in HTML. (They don't work in Lotus notes.)

Other information needed

  • Subject line text.
  • From sender name (usually company / product / event name).
  • Seed emails (people within the organisation who wish to receive the eDM).

Lead time

  • Well-formatted creative must be supplied five working days prior to eDM blast. This is to allow our team enough time to evaluate your materials and set up a testing proof.

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Sponsored Story Specifications

Sponsored stories can be one of the most effective marketing solutions that Techday offers.

If you're providing the content please include:

  • A short and snappy headline.
  • Approximately 500 words of content.
  • At least one image in JPG format of 940 pixels wide and up to 530 pixels high.
  • The URL to guide readers to.

If you choose us to write the story we need the following information:

  • A 50 or so word brief explaining what you want us to write about.
  • Ensure you explain your objective. Registrations for an event? Website traffic? Generate leads?
  • Your target market; CIOs & IT managers reading IT Brief, resellers and system integrators reading ChannelLife, etc.
  • A small number of links or documents for researching the subject, trend or product.
  • At least one image in JPG format of 940 pixels wide and 530 pixels high.
  • The URL to guide readers to.

Send all this to your account manager, who will get it to the appropriate editor.

It takes us approximately five working days to turn around a sponsored story writing project or just two days if the content is provided complete.

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Our Editorial Charter


Our journalism is designed to inform, entertain or contribute to debate concerning the development of the global ICT industry.

We hope that through better information, users of technology will become more productive.

It is our policy that we provide:

  • Diversity – We ensure that the plurality of opinion regarding the subjects we are writing about is reflected in our journalism, with due respect to the relative views of our stakeholders.
  • Ethics – Any gifts over $50 from any sources are reported internally to ensure it doesn't affect a fair and balanced editorial approach.
  • Newsworthiness – News is assessed on its own merits regardless of any advertising contracts, commercial arrangements, shareholdings or other conflicts.
  • Disclosure – Any editorial published, either in print or online, regarding our shareholders will have a clearly displayed disclosure message upon it. 
  • Advertorial – No advertising or content we have been paid for will be represented as independent editorial. It will be designed or identified in a way that it is clearly distinguishable from independent content.
  • Interactivity – Our publications and websites shall be developed in such a way as to reinforce interactivity between all of our stakeholders. We will enable all stakeholders to express their views on the contents and to contribute to that content.
  • Availability – This charter shall be publicly available and published on our website.

Definition: Stakeholders are our readers, advertisers, employees and shareholders (including any parent companies) or any industry contact or special interest group we encounter.


Contributor/ Byline Article Specifications

Techday publishes contributed content submitted by external sources provided that they are

  • Not longer than 1,300 words
  • Written by a thought leader who has expertise in the subject matter on a trend/ development relevant to the niche covered by the site
  • Does not contain links in the body
  • Exclusive to Techday and will not be published/already published elsewhere
  • Does not contain company/product name in the body of the contribution
  • Written in the appropriate form of English (British/ American) to the region it's relevant for

Ideally, the article will be accompanied by a 940x530 pixel image.

Techday reserves the right to edit the content for clarity and brevity before publication.

The author of the content will be credited at the end of the article like so:

Article by Company job title John Doe.

Feel free to submit the contributions to



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Submitting products for review


Below are the key questions we get asked about our reviewing procedures and policies:

Tell me about Techday’s reviews.

We write sponsored and unsponsored reviews primarily on consumer technology. 
Our reviews are a great way of receiving coverage and can include images, features, specifications, a description of the product in-use and more.
Techday endeavours to ensure the review process is fair and based on genuine testing.

What’s the difference between sponsored and unsponsored reviews?

For unsponsored reviews there is no guarantee we will review your product, and aside from loan agreements no correspondence will be entered into.
For sponsored reviews we agree to review your chosen product and will send you a draft version of the article before it goes live so you can suggest changes. 

Which publications do you accept review product for?

We consider reviews for a range of our brands, particularly FutureFive.
We do not review enterprise technology as we don't have the right environment or technical experience to fully test the more complex solutions. Our reviewers are average consumers and our readers are generally not technically focused.
We're unable to review small accessories like phone or device cases, as it's a challenge to find compatible devices and we may not have enough content for the desired story length.
We also do not do unsponsored reviews for mobile apps.

What are the timeframes for loans and publishing articles?

The product will be available to be sent back after two weeks. We can consider a shorter timeframe if need be. 
Finalising the article and publishing it on online may take longer than the loan period.

What happens to the review product?

Generally speaking, products under $500 of value will be kept by Techday and auctioned some three months after the publication of the review as a means of supplementing the review facility and the time spent on the piece. Our review o-ordinator will register

How do I arrange a review?

Our review co-ordinator will register all review products in our database. 
Please do not send us an item for review if you have not confirmed with us prior. 
To request a review of your product, please fill out the review request form here

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